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The Multi-Master Empowerment  by Baba Prajna Shiva Kalidasa
The Multi-Master Empowerment by Baba Prajna Shiva Kalidasa
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The Yab-Yum Empowerment by Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa

  80.00 USD 

The Yab-Yum Empowerment by Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa
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Yab-Yum is Tibetan for "Father-Mother", and is the symbol of Balance in that harsh and unforgiving land at the top of the world. And, it is also one of the most powerful sexual positions used in the practice of Mahakali Tantra which is the oldest shamanic form of Tantra in the world predating the founding of the first Hindu forms by almost 100,000 years.
All true forms of Tantra are about 80% breath-work, meditation, and the use of mantras, mudras and yantras with about 20% being the sexual practices that so many westerners get stuck on. We have a number of different courses on this website that reflect the other 80% such as the Kali Naga Shamanic Power series and the Mahakali Package that takes you step by step through some of the most powerful meditation forms in the world, and empower you to use the mantras and yantras that seemingly ramp up your enlightenment process beyond the speed of light.
The detailed manual that comes with this course covers everything from the processes that make all forms of ritual work, touches upon Quantum Physics in relation to Tantra, covers the process of Deity Identification and Generation, how to use Mahakali Tantra for everything from gaining new psychic capabilities to how to cleanse and heal the earth, improve the fertility of the land we live on and the animals we share it with, and how to use it to remove curses and negative entities.
You are also given detailed instructions on tantric kissing, a step by step guide on how to run a very simple and effective tantric first date, information on herbal aphrodisiacs, herbal birth control, and herbal ways to defeat sexually transmitted diseases. There are also methods for raising and releasing sexual energy both with and without sexual intercourse, instructions on how to engage the Cobra Breath of Kali, how to share psychic gifts with tantric kissing, and how to do a total psycho-spiritual download through tantric intercourse in the Yab-Yum position. 
There is also a detailed covering of the role and work of the Sacred Prostitute, what it is and is not, what differs it from the average street prostitute, and real life examples of how Sacred Prostitution is changing the world in which we live. In this section you will learn about the near death of the Grandfather Stone that is the living heart of the American continent, and how a Sacred Prostitute was used to save it and reconnect it with it's source of power. You will also learn about the work of Sacred Prostitutes who serve as Sex Surrogates working with Psychologists and Sex Therapists to help people who have been sexually abused, introverts, and socially inept people who never learned to interact with others during childhood learn to become comfortable with the human body and engage in training and confidence building so that they can have a life with normal relationships just like the rest of us. And, most importantly, you will be empowered to do what they do if you so choose. 
There are three attunements that you can do right now,They are as follows:
1. Clearing and empowering sexual energy channels - healing the damage caused by sexual molestation and abuse, and by the lies and brainwashing of patriarchal society.
2. Shaktipat for gentle Kundalini Awakening - Shaktipat is the Gift of Grace from the Divine Feminine that created all things, and did so with Her sacred sexual energies.
3. Chakra balancing for better sexual psychic gift exchanges.
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The Yab-Yum Empowerment by Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa
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  The Yab-Yum Empowerment by Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa

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