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The Multi-Master Empowerment  by Baba Prajna Shiva Kalidasa
The Multi-Master Empowerment by Baba Prajna Shiva Kalidasa
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The Blue Bear Empowerment by Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa

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The Blue Bear Empowerment  by Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa
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The Blue Bear Empowerment  by Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa and Naturopathic and Shamanic Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved 
Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa:"This ritual skull, taken from a Himalayan Blue Bear, is well over 200 years old, and has been passed down from Shaman to Shaman until it has finally come to me. Now the wonderful and playful energy of this bear will be shared with you in a powerful and life-changing attunement process. Prepare to be amazed !
This Tibetan bear skull necklace is covered in the ancient symbols of Tibetan Shamanism. There is the Tibetan OM, symbols for Nagas and for the Garuda, and for many other things. And, when it came to me there were holes that indicated that it had been a bear skull necklace before. Once I had restored it as such and put it on then the energy that flowed through and around me confirmed that it had, and that it was often used for various rites if initiation and passage. This empowerment allows you to tap into these various energies from the Great Work that it was used for, but you need to be very aware that it is impossible to get the full benefit from it unless you have the training to go with the energy. 
Now seems like a very good time to tell you what it will do so here it is:
1. It will allow you to tap into the collective wisdom of the Shamans who used the bear skull before me.
2. It will allow you to receive a Tibetan Blue Bear as a totem spirit which is an animal spirit that will work with you when you need it.
3. It will teach you how to enjoy your life, and to better do the work you are here to do happily.
4. It helps you to learn how to be content.
5. It will teach you how to “dance” spiritually as well as in the physical world if you will allow it to do so.
6. It will help you to better see your opportunities and advantages in an otherwise harsh and dangerous world. 7. It will help you to face your own personal Darkness without being overcome by the severity of it.
8. It will help you to have greater self-confidence and to see the humorous side of life.

There may be other things that it will do, but that will depend upon the needs and desires of the person receiving the attunement. None of us have exactly the same needs, and it would be the height of arrogance to think that it will play out the same way for everyone. And, if you find yourself laughing like a bear at the absurdities of life then rather than being surprised just enjoy it as you scratch your back on a handy rock or tree."
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  The Blue Bear Empowerment 2013 by Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa

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